What is the meaning of the word “Mainstream”?

Mainstream means websites that are in global interest, that are adapted for all ages and therefore they are not pornographic, they are not crude or Gore, nothing that would be disturbing to the general public, those on mainstream websites and that is 65% of the Internet, so it is the largest slice of the web and among those mainstream websites are several Alternative News websites that I follow in particular and one of my favorites is the one that is linked as you can see right here in these lines of words.

alternative news

While reading what Thomas F Cheng Twitter have to say on social media, I realized that he had discovered several more mainstream websites that I didn’t even know off, I’m glad I do follow Thomas because I have discovered at least two dozen incredibly interesting and mainstream websites in the past year alone.

One of which is a website that has the most strangest name possible, that name would be MOAR and while they do is give you the news the way it occurred but they do it in a very funny and entertaining way, so it doesn’t matter how pissed off you are I’m pretty much sure by reading the articles you will smile.