Pot! We want weed to be legal!!!!

how many times have you read the phrase in the title before? I have lost count and I did not read these comments on Weed Website channels of any kind, I read them on public forums and even articles posted by people that are not potheads, people but don’t abuse of marijuana, people that will smoke it but will not use it on a regular basis, I hear it all the time from people that have never smoked marijuana but know for a fact that it cures many diseases and illnesses and therefore has a massive importance in today’s medical world.

smoke dope

It is a fact and I read about this thanks to Thomas Cheng, that cancer among the native red Indians in the United States was a 0.03%, the day in the United States it is a whopping 27%, native red Indians both Cherokee and Novato smoked marijuana basically every single day off their life, none of them encountered diabetes, barely any of them encountered cancer, and all common diseases that are all over the world today the red Indians, the natives of this great nation were always strong, healthy and never sick.

Be my guess and read about this on this Alternative News websites, that come down to be one of the most credible alternative news resources that there is today on the World Wide Web.