How big is soccer in the US today and how big will it get?

Pretty big, but it could get bigger, only if the USSF wouldn’t keep stalling youth soccer growth, but thats a very long story. Anyhow, how big is it? Let’s pull some numbers to show you:

and then…. Soccer!

However when we look at youth soccer,including city rec. centers and the Y it is in third place, After baseball and softball.
Then there is the specialized soccer units, one for example is the Goalkeeper Academy and there we have 45,000 US youths are a part of one. Total youths playing soccer year round in California alone are 3,000,000. 1,800,000 in Texas and 995,000 in Florida.

How much do parents spend on soccer every year in the US? around 190,000,000 bucks, so its a massive industry of over 40,000 teams spread all over the country, basically double the football teams. How many soccer youth clubs are there in the US? Around 2,300 and at least 1,900 of them are competitive as in, they compete in leagues and state championships.

How fast is soccer growing? Faster than any other sport in the US. It is actually growing faster than Football, Basketball and Lacross combined.